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Accident​The term is normally used to describe an unplanned event, or chain of events, which has caused fatalities. In all other cases of injury or illness, the term 'incident' is preferred - see later.
Contractor​All parties working for MINDEF/RBAF either as a direct Contractor or as a sub-contractor.
Exposure Hours​The total number of hours of employment including paid overtime and training but excluding leave, sickness and unpaid overtime hours. The exposure hours should be calculated separately for MINDEF/RBAF and Contractor personnel. Time off duty, even if this time is spent on MINDEF/RBAF, is not included in the calculation of exposure hours, but incidents during this time are included in the statistics if they are the result of failure or absence of management controls.
Fatality (FAT)​A death resulting from a 'work related' injury or occupational illness, regardless of the time intervening between the incident causing the injury or exposure or causing illness and death.
First Aid Case (FAC)​Any single treatment and subsequent observation of minor scratches, cuts, burns, splinters etc. that do not normally require medical care by a physician. Such treatment and observation are considered First Aid even if provided by a physician or registered professional person. Examples are found in Appendix 7 -First Aid Cases
Incident​An unplanned unwanted event which results in loss or nearly resulted in a loss.
Injury​Any injury such as a cut, fracture, sprain, amputation etc., that results from a single instantaneous exposure.
Lost Time Injuries (LTI)​Any work related injury, which renders the injured person temporarily unable to perform their normal work or restricted work on any day after the day on which the injury occurred. Any day includes rest day, weekend day, scheduled holiday, public holiday or subsequent day after ceasing employment.
One incident may lead to more than one LTI
Medical Treatment Case (MTC)​Any work related injury that involves neither lost workdays nor restricted workdays but which requires treatment by a physician or other medical specialist.
Examples are to be found in Appendix 6 and 7 - Medical Treatment and First Aid Cases
Near Miss (NM)​An Incident that could have caused illness, injury or damage to assets, the environment or MINDEF/RBAF reputation, or consequential loss but did not.
Occupational Illness​Any work related abnormal condition or disorder, other than one resulting from an injury that is caused by or mainly caused by exposures at work. (50% or more probability that the illness was caused by exposures at work) Occupational illnesses include acute and chronic illness or diseases that may be caused by inhalation, adsorption, ingestion or direct contact.
The procedure to determine whether an illness is occupational can be found in Appendix 4
Permanent Total Disability (PTD)​Any work related Injury that permanently incapacitates an employee and results in termination of employment.
Restricted Work Case (RWC)​Any work related injury which renders the injured person temporarily unable to perform all, but still some, of their normal work on any day after the day on which the injury occurred.
Road Traffic Incident​An incident involving a vehicle driven by a MINDEF/RBAF employee or contractor employee, whether on or of road, that has resulted in injury, illness or damage to assets, the environment or the MINDEF/RBAF reputation, irrespective of the cost of repair or responsibility for cause.
Third PartiesPersons or organisations, which are not employed by, or contracted to MINDEF/RBAF or contractor.​
Work Related

Those activities for which management controls are in place, or should have been in place. Incidents occurring during such activities must be reported and will included in performance statistics.
The following activities are considered to be work related, as they  are susceptible to incidents with significant impact, for which company controls should be in place:

  • All work by MINDEF/RBAF personnel,
  • All work by contractor personnel on MINDEF/RBAF premises, and
  • All work by contractor personnel on non-MINDEF/RBAF premises for which it is concluded on the basis of risk considerations that MINDEF/RBAF and contractor management controls are required.

For MINDEF/RBAF personnel, work includes overtime, attending courses, conferences and Company organised events, business travel, field visits, or any other activity where the employee's presence is expected by MINDEF/RBAF.